My fancy way of saying “There is no plot”

Life is rarely plain and simply, and almost never is life fair. From death or ending up with someone who hates you, to feeling like no one knows you exist - life chucks a wrench in your plans and the only thing you can do is trudge onward. It’s hard, it’s scary, it’s usually lonely and bitter - but it’s life and it’s yours. Sometimes it tortures you, plays on your fears and desires - dangles something in your face you know you can never have, or haunts you with memories of things you’ve long since lost. Life can be a cruel Mistress - but it can also be a gentle, loving hand. Not for you and I, though - not here, not now, and maybe not ever. 

Life for you is extraordinary in the worst of ways, it’s a constant struggle to fit in, be noticed, or just survive. It’s a battle of good and evil, ups and downs, left or right - you never know which path to take because both seem neglected, overgrown with thorns that aim to cut, leave their marks on your flesh. There’s no map, no guiding voice - not so much as a light in the distance. It’s you and your choices; be them good or evil, up or down, left or right. It’s your fate in your own hands, there is no God to silently urge you onward, no Devil to grab you by the throat and tug you back. You’ve been put on a road to nowhere and everywhere - where you end up is a mystery and the path you take is yours to decide.

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